Sabbath Sewing

There is a local saying (or I assume it is local as I have never heard it from one unconnected with Utah) that “every stitch you put in on the Sabbath, you will pick out with your nose in eternity.”  Well, if that is true, you know what I will spend much of eternity doing.

But, at least some of it will be for a good cause.

Sundays are now devoted to charitable sewing.  Because it is definitely lawful to do good on the Sabbath.

This Sunday produced this top from a partially assembled kit I was gifted a while back.  There are a few issues.  Don’t look too close.

But, hopefully, it will wrap someone in love.

And help to save my nose.

5 thoughts on “Sabbath Sewing

  1. I have a friend that said that to me. I take a rest on Sundays, I figure I do it all during the week that it is too much of a pleasure to do on Sunday…. Love your quilt.

  2. i think there are references in the Bible about good being done on sunday so it bothers me not..most of the things i make are for i never feel long as it isn;t keeping one from worship or your family i see nothing wrong with it..

    and who started all those sayings???? someone with a guilt complex who wants to pass it along in my opinion…

    beautiful quilt…i like the log cabin pattern…

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