The Big Clean

Not much sewing the past two days, because it is time for THE BIG CLEAN.

What is the Big Clean?

Well, because children acquire clutter at the most astonishing rate, once a year we do a Big Clean on their rooms, usually the first week after school gets out.

(Here is Young Son’s BEFORE)

1. Empty room to the bare walls.

Again, Young Son’s DURING. This is the really ugly part.

2. Wash, dust, scrub, vacuum.

3.  Dump every drawer, box, etc.

4. Replace all large pieces of furniture, usually rearranging just so it feels fresh.

4. Sort every item–every pair of socks, each little toy, all the books…you get the idea.

5. Make a list of truly needed items–replacing outgrown things, or storage needs.

6. Decide where each item goes:  back in the room, to a different location, (it is amazing what migrates around the house), to charity, trash.

7. Step back and admire.

Young Son’s nearly AFTER.  About 95% done.

It is two long days (one for each child at home).  If I were a really good woman, I would do the whole house every year.  But, the children’s rooms get it every year and the rest of the house, I try for every other year.  But the storeroom and the garage haven’t been done properly since we moved in 8 years ago. Scary!

Hopefully, back to some sewing today.

7 thoughts on “The Big Clean

  1. I remember doing that with my 2 boys, who had to share a room. I usually had 2 full trash bags and LOADS of laundry. As they got older, I made them do the wash hoping that would make them put clean clothes in drawers and closets and dirty clothes in the hamper, not vice versa!! It never worked! LOL
    Enjoy the summer and the clean room.

  2. Looks great! I just did the same thing with my kids’ rooms..well still have some painting and tossing to do, but we’re getting there. It is amazing how much accumulates, isn’t it?

  3. wowoowowow!!!! i need to do that in every room—one at a time…but i would get tired and never get it back looks great and imagine he feels great after getting it done..a good idea..

  4. Oh my! Thanks for sharing. My son and I are also in the midst of a “Big Clean” in his room. I wasn’t brave enough to take a before photo to post. He can’t handle doing it all in two days either. I’m making him sort everything first, so he can discard the trash. Once he has finished with that I’ll help him clean and rearrange the furniture. Then we’ll put the “stuff” back in, hopefully in a somewhat organized manner.

    Kudos to Young Son! His room is looking great.

  5. Sooooo glad my kids are grown up and this part is (pretty much) over for me. I live with two adult children who are hardly around and who take care of their own “stuff.” So any messes and accumulating around the house are basically mine. I started following the Flylady system a couple of years ago. I’m not a fanatic, but I found it really helps. I basically concentrate on one room a month to do all that heavy cleaning and organizing – not all at one sitting! Over time I have found I have to spend less and less time at it, so it works for me. Want to guess where the most sorting and organizing has to take place? In my studio! 🙂

    I did have to laugh when I say your photos, though. Reminds me of my mother growing up, trying to force me to clean up my room. She would do precisely that… take every single drawer and dump it on the floor. Still didn’t work – I walked around the pile and pulled out clothes as needed. What did work was when she started dumping it all on my bed! I really did not want to sleep on the floor…! 🙂

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