Catching up on the Civil War Quiltalong was my big push for the last several days. I was eight blocks behind (one a week is posted), and it was definitely time.

As I have added to the blocks I came to the disheartening realization that I didn’t like my color scheme.

So, I am branching out. (And realizing, looking at this picture, that I put block 23 Illinois Roads, together inside out.  No wonder didn’t particularly care for it.  It is two in from the left and two down from the top.  I’ll get that fixed soon.)

See, Blue has been invited to play.

Green will soon be making an appearance.

I calculated how I need to balance the colors of the blocks for the second half of the year, and it appears it will work out.

I guess we will all find out together, won’t we?  Twenty-three down.  Thirty-three to go.

8 thoughts on “Civil War CAUGHT UP

  1. i personally like your colors but if you aren;t happy with them then do it your own way..nothing harder than working on a quilt that you are not happy you i have changed ‘horses’ or colors in midstream a favorite block as far as the pattern goes is the one in the very lower right hand corner….you are going to have a very pretty quilt there when you are done..

    1. Not actually starting over, or at least I hope not. Just planning on branching out with more colors in future blocks. Hopefully this will not lead to a complete disaster and a lot of re-sewing. But, it wouldn’t be the first time…

  2. I love your color scheme. But if you’re not happy with it, you probably won’t ever change your mind, so you might as well add some blocks that make you happy.

  3. I bet it will look even better than it does now (which is great, btw) with some injection of new colours! I’m sure they ALL play nicely together!

  4. This looks so pretty- I like the brown shades, but blues and greens are really gonna add some nice sparkle. So far, the five-point star block is my favorite.

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