PIGS Post: Challenge?

Jill has a new question for us, courtesy of one of her readers:

“Your guild has challenged you to complete the PIGS that you least want to work on. What project would it be and why?”
Hmm…what project would it be?
Probably the Jewel Box quilt.  I have mentioned it before.  Twice.  And it is sitting right out in the open in its little grocery sack.  Unfinished.
Why?  Probably because I have intimidated myself.  I see this beautiful vision in my mind and it is too scary to think that the real thing will be a letdown.
But, it really is time to get brave and go for it.

4 thoughts on “PIGS Post: Challenge?

  1. i can understand your dilemma..i have projects like that too..and i should get out one and get at it..one is just beautiful colors—-shades of purple and orchid— and it is cut wrong..foolishly i bought a ruler that had an extra 1/4″ on it and forgot and cut all the pieces with this extra on it and i added the extra 1/2″ on also for the seam allowance so none of it wants to come out right so i have to go thru and trim it all off..i did this years ago when i first started using the rulers…so i think that will be mine…

    get busy and finish that gorgeous quilt..don;t be intimidated …you of all people always make everything turn out all right..it will be beautiful!!!

  2. Go on Deanna, you know you can do it!!! It will be beautiful and so worth getting it together! And imagine how proud you will be! Go on…ready..set…GO!

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