Coupon Clutch Tutorial

In a sudden burst of inspired energy, I spent part of the day Thursday working on this idea.

Super-couponers might find this Coupon Clutch/Wallet/Carrier/Holder  a little small, but for a moderate coupon user like me, it is just right.  Enjoy!



Fabric Scraps, about 1/3-yard total

Heavy weight fusible interfacing scrap

1/8-inch elastic (or hair elastic)




1. Cut fabric scrap into two 7-1/2 inch squares (outside and lining), two 7-1/2×7 inch rectangles, two 7-1/2×5-1/2 inch rectangles, two 7-1/2×4-1/4″ rectangles.  Cut one 7-inch square of interfacing.  Cut one 4-inch piece of elastic.  Dig through your button jar to find a perfect button.

Pretend I was careful to show that there are really two of each cut of fabric and that there is a perfect button and a piece of elastic in the picture. 🙂

2. Center the square of interfacing on the wrong side of the 7-1/2 inch square you intend to be the outside of your clutch.


3. Fold each of the rectangular pieces in half lengthwise.  Iron down hard.  Stitch very close to the edge along the fold of each piece. These are your pockets.


4. On the right side of the un-interfaced 7-1/2 inch square, stack the rectangles, beginning with the largest, aligning the edges.

5. Fold the elastic in half and tie an overhand knot very near the end.  Place it at the midpoint of the pockets so the knot extends just beyond the edge of the fabric stack.


6. Place the 7-1/2 inch square with the interfacing face down on the stacked pockets.  Pin in place. 


7. Stitch around the square, using 1/4-inch seam.  You should be sewing right along the edge of the interfacing.  Double stitch at the elastic fastener for extra security. Leave open a section about 3-inches wide on one side for turning.

8. Clip corners and trim seams a little to reduce bulk. Cut off the elastic knot, too. 

9. Turn.  Push the edges straight and corners out to an evenly rounded look (There is too much bulk to get a pointy square corner.) using a high-tech tool like a chopstick.  (This is one of the reasons I love Chinese food.)


10. Iron in the un-stitched section smooth and even.  Stitch around the entire unit about 1/8-inch from the edge. I like to do this from the right side, hoping that if I practice enough times I will eventually get perfect corners. I haven’t yet practiced enough times.

11.  Attach your perfect button.

 12. Ta-dah!  Your finished coupon clutch.

I hope you will enjoy making your own Coupon Clutch.  Please feel free to comment and ask questions or make suggestions.  It helps me improve!

15 thoughts on “Coupon Clutch Tutorial

  1. i’m not much of a couponer–i love the idea but do not buy most of the stuff i find coupons for–but i can think of a multitude of uses for thanks for the tutorial and i love the fabric..

  2. Great idea! I keep saying I should make one instead of using a paper clip and throwing them in my bag. I will use your tut for sure! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I like this. I have a small notebook I will use for my grocery list and slide it down on one side and the coupons I’ll use would go in the other side.

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