Wedding Quilt Complete

Whew, it is finished!




Don’t look too close, but there is even a really feeble attempt at free motion quilting in the border.  Just a bunch of squiggles. 

This pattern came from Gale Bong’s book Save the Scraps.  I understand that there will not be a fifth printing of this book, so get your copy while you can if you can.   Her directions are easy to follow and, at least for this pattern, quite accurate.  Just trust her and go with it.  If I am going to use a pattern, it is very important to me that it be tested and accurate.

If you have a big  pile of scrap that is not pre-cut to standard sizes, Gale Bong’s quilts are a good place to start.  The black in this quilt was mostly scrap.  The blues, except two, I bought to match the wedding colors of the bride and groom.  The white is a Kona solid of some variety. 

I hope the young couple are pleased.  The outdor reception is July 2.

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