No, I am not dead.  Life has just been full of busy, happy things that have really cut into my sewing time.

This morning, after seeing my parents off quite early after a WONDERFUL few days visit, I eased into my sewing space after several days’ absence.  The house was quiet.  The world was gradually becoming lighter.  And I puttered a bit on a few projects.

Started to cut out a skirt for Daughter.  (This is really navy blue, but the light was…well, wasn’t really.)

Worked on a few more leader-ender blocks.

And sorted a few sewish and quilty goodies my parents brought me.

Want to guess what that is?

Have a terrific weekend.  May yours contain at least a little sewing.

6 thoughts on “Ahhhh!

  1. The mystery thing – is it a deflated hot air balloon made out of an antique quilt? Off to my sewing room to make a few more receiving blankets with which to wrap up Afghanistan Bundles of Love – bunches of Beanie Babies wrapped up in a receiving blanket for distribution to Afghani kids. I’m having so much fun with this project!

  2. scraps! scraps!scraps!!! that is my guess and a started quilt top that has an intrigueing pattern in it!!! can hardly wait to find out what it is..and to see daughter’s skirt!!!

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