Does Daughter Need Another Skirt?

…define NEED.

But, I certainly wanted to make it.

The fabric is Fifi and Fido by Anna Griffin.  It was in the remnant bin.  I sometimes lack will power. Especially when fabric is talking to me.

Again, I based this skirt on my favorite tutorial.  I wonder how many different ways it can be made before I get tired of it?

Well, here is evidence that there are at least a few more variations waiting.

PS–Time to tell the truth.  The print skirt really was frivolous.  The two solids are because Daughter will attend a charter school this fall, with Young Son, and they require uniforms.  So, must…sew…skirts…She really did need them.

3 thoughts on “Does Daughter Need Another Skirt?

  1. yes your daughter does need them…they will make her happy…i love the pattern..i made all my daughter’s clothes when she was young but nothing as cute as that…love the fifi and fido print…cute cute cute!!!!!

  2. Need? Want? What’s the difference? They are all great skirts! I’m sure she’ll need party attire and that top print is just perfect for that!

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