Ahead Of Her Time?

Among the goodies my parents brought me last weekend was this book “A Stitch In Time: A complete guide to recycling clothing and odds-and-ends sewing” by Shirley Thulin.

It was published in 1983.

While some of it is a little strange, she has some ideas that were, perhaps, ahead of her time. Or their time has come. Or…something.

Her storage ideas range from practical to eccentric, but the basic idea is that you need fabric and you need places to store it. The best storage idea I found was “behind doors.”  Yes, here it is in her own words:

“Look behind the doors of each room. If a door frame is six or eight inches or more from an adjoining wall, you can build [shelves] as deep as possible and from floor to ceiling. They can be as wide as you want or as wide as the door will hide when it is opened. Paint these shelves the same color as the wall. You could put doors on these shelves and fancy hardware handles, and it could be a nice addition even to the living room.”

Ah, a woman after my own heart who thinks fabric is an appropriate decor item for any room. 

But, seriously, it is a good idea.  Check your sewing space, or other rooms of the house.  Is there some space you hadn’t considered?

I may feature some of her other ideas in upcoming posts.  Please let me know what you think  and if you would like to hear more.

5 thoughts on “Ahead Of Her Time?

  1. i would love to hear more..always looking for ideas on storage since i have a limited amount of space in my sewing room..wish i had a door to put shelves behind but i do have peg board behind mine..the space is about 18″ deep..but that is also where i sit my vac when not in use..sounds like a neat book…thanks for sharing it with us..

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