Large Skirt To Maxi-Dress

A very large, but cool looking skirt came in a hand-me-down bag.  After looking at it for a while, I went thrift store searching and found this orange top for 99-cents.

Cut the orange top and remove the very haggard beadwork from the skirt.

Sew them together.


No. Wait. It WOULD have been a ta-dah, but I had sewn them WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.  You would think I had that part figured out by now.

Pick out.   A lot.

Sew together. Again.



Daughter likes it.

6 thoughts on “Large Skirt To Maxi-Dress

  1. that is darling and looks so good on are so clever..wish i had a girl to sew for..of course the thrift shops i visit ask 3 times that much for a top but still it is a cheap price with the cost of clothes these days..and we have all done that—sewn wrong sides together..just adds to the memories!!!

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