Daughter’s Market Report

Daughter, AKA Sparkle Jane, took her doll quilts to a local street market on Saturday.

We had this really cute display built out of PVC pipe that required being set up on grass with pegs driven in to hold it up. What a shock to be put over the sidewalk!  What to do?  Well, we improvised, which wasn’t as cute, but at least it was something. (NOTE:  crooked quilt hanger with one end tied to a tree and the other end tied to a trash can.)

What a time she picked to be shy!  Maybe not “shy” exactly, but certainly nervous to talk to people.

But people were kind and she got braver.  People bought quilts and she was happy.

Her first market experience was a success.  She sold just enough to feel really good about it, but not so much that she feels that she “has” to work all the time now.

She does still have quilts left, including these two new ones. (Yes, that really is ballerina mice!)

You can see the rest of her quilts for sale in the DOLL QUILTS FOR SALE above.

To be honest, she is braver than I am.  I have never done anything like she set out to do this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and encouraging to her in this little endeavor.  We must raise a new generation of quilters and keep the tradition alive.

7 thoughts on “Daughter’s Market Report

  1. That is so wonderful. You are a wonderful mom to encourage and help her. She is lucky. Her quilts are lovely…tell her she is amazing.

  2. that is still a good display..as a crafter she has to learn to improvise..there is always something different to handle..i am so glad she did well..what a good life lesson for her..next time will be so much easier because now she knows what it is like..great!!!!!

  3. Sparkle Jane – You are the BEST!
    I want the Ballerina Mice – it was my very favorite! Mark it as SOLD! and let me know what I owe you!
    Congratulations on your very first Market experience! You are going to be dynamite!!!!

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