Skirt Work

It must seem that all I sew in the clothing department is skirts.  But, hey, skirts are easy, satisfying and perfect for summer.

Here is a womans size 18 that I picked up at the neighborhood clothing exchange (explanation below).  I really liked the scalloped and ruffled bottom of the skirt, but it was a slightly odd shape on top, and the wrong length and size. I visualized a little girl’s twirly skirt and knew just the little girl to give it to. No, not Daughter.  She doesn’t wear light pink.  But, a neighbor’s daughter LOVES it and skirts, too.

Pick out the waistband.  Yes, this is Young Son helping out his mother.  “But, Mom, I don’t want to pick stitches out of a pink dress.”  However, being the fine young man that he is, he did it.

Cut to length.

Pin waistband back on.  I use a lot of pins.  A small time investment that pays big accuracy returns.

Add some elastic and ta-dah!  A new skirt.

Here it is on Daughter, who is quite a bit taller than the recipient.  She, also being a good sport, consented to check the fit for me. Even though it was light pink.  And shorter than she prefers.

NOTE:  The neighborhood clothing exchange is something we started last year.  Everyone is invited to bring their castoffs in good condition to the local church.  Tables are set up  for people to sort their donations by type and size. The next day, anyone and everyone is invited to come and take what they can use.  The remainder is donated to a local charity thrift store.  It has been a real blessing to our family and many others.  If you would like more information on organizing a similar event in your area, just let me know.

5 thoughts on “Skirt Work

  1. i love that scalloped bottom..and how pretty it turned daughter pink is not a favorite of mine but i know the little girl who gets it will love it..

  2. My three daughters and their friends do a “clothes swap” a few times a year. They invite whoever is around in their circle and they each bring things they are tired of wearing or outgrown or just want to get rid of and they trade around. They all come up with great new clothes for free.

  3. Our church hosts a “free giveaway” twice a year. We take clothes, furniture- just any stuff. Much easier than having my own yard sale. I think it’s really appreciated- people start lining up 2 hours early.
    I love seeing how you transform leftovers into such cute, useable things!

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