On My Way Back

After a blogging break, which, unfortunately, included a sewing break, I am on my way back.

Monday night I worked on catching up ironing and mending.

Tuesday, that effort continued and I was able to sew a few seams on the leader-ender quilt in the process.

Wednesday.  Ah, Wednesday.  On Wednesday I was able to spend my goal of one hour sewing.  It has been nearly two weeks since I was able to sew for an hour in a single day.  My goodness, I have missed it. I finished the mending pile and worked some on the leader-ender quilt.  It felt great!

So, hopefully I am back in the swing of things.  Or at least on my way back.  And will have some sew-ish things to share soon.

PS–thank you again for all the notes and well-wishes for me and Husband after his surgery.  He is doing well.  Moving slow, to be sure, but being philosophical and pretty cheerful in the process.  But, to show the pain pills MUST be affecting his brain, on Monday night about 10pm as we were getting ready for bed he said, “Don’t you need to sew some today?”

PPS–Sorry for no pictures, but I should have real sewing work to show soon.

One thought on “On My Way Back

  1. i love it!!!!!! did you get back up and sew???? lol..that is so funny…but glad he has his sense of humor and is improving..i hope you get your hour in today…and i am so glad he is better which i know from experience does a number on you…you both take care…

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