My Size Stars Share

Just look what Pat did!

What a nice version of a My Size Stars quilt.

Here is Pat’s story:

I finally finished a child-size version of My Size Stars made out of mens’ shirts from the Goodwill (a la Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville). It’s going to go to one of the family support groups at Joint Base Lewis McChord near Tacoma, WA. The group I quilt with (From Our Heart) delivers quilts there for kids whose parents have been deployed, or whose parents don’t make it back from deployment. We usually make about 125 quilts a month and could use twice that many for the various groups we support. This pattern is so cute and so easy, I’m going to teach it to my stitching buddies.

Thank you, Pat, for sharing.  I look forward to seeing the next one.

If you have made something using any of the TUTORIALS found here on Wedding Dress Blue, I would love to see them.  With your permission, I will share them here and post them in the GALLERY for each tutorial.

8 thoughts on “My Size Stars Share

  1. i wish we could see the pictures but i love the idea of what she is doing with the quilts..they are so fun to make’s a great idea..

  2. Pat here – I thought it was just me that couldn’t see the pictures! I couldn’t get them to open either at home on my Mac or at work on my PC. They were sent in jpeg format so in theory they should open (but I am one of the least computer literate people on the planet, so don’t take my word for it!).

  3. What a great use of fabric for such a great cause and it’s sooo beautiful. It makes your heart sing to look at it – no wonder their group is called Quilting From the Heart!

  4. Very pretty! Love all the different red, whites and blues. Goodwill is the best, you never know what you might find.
    That My Size Stars tutorial is pretty handy.

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