Young Son and Daughter are visiting their grandparents.  Husband is better by the day.  To make up for so many lost sewing days, I declared Saturday a sewing marathon.

With an audio book of The Three Musketeers to keep me company, I dug my way through a number of projects.

First, leader-ender quilt.  It isn’t really a leader-ender at this point.  This has happened both times I have done a leader-ender.  About half-way through final assembly I lose patience and just want to see it finished.  I didn’t finish the whole top, but I am 12-out-of-20 (blocks that is).

Next, the Thread Head Quilt-along top.  Borders.  Lots of little squares.  Significant progress.  There are now 51 small nine-patches.

Civil War Quiltalong.  A little progress.  Three blocks, to be precise, but that is at least not falling behind.  Remember, it is not to late to join this one.

That applique star is really off-center, now that I look at the picture.  But, for now I will pretend that it adds character.

So, that was a lot of sewing, but I went to bed with a happy heart.

4 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. i know you have not been too happy about getting behind in your sewing so glad you could get a little caught up–like me you will never be all caught up!! not change the star block…it does add character..and again like you i am getting tired of my leader-ender too and since i just finished up 2 small quilts this weekend–i call them throws—i think that is my next project..get it for the report on your sewing and also letting us know your husband is improving…

  2. Your Harvest Sky blocks look fab! I’m enjoying watching your progress. I tried to comment on the review but it would not let me. It said it could not find the page. I think the review is fabulous and really appreciate the plug.

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