More Pieces

It would be so nice to have a finish to share, but no, just a lot more little pieces.  It may not even look like progress, as it is mostly more-of-the-same.

But, here it is….

One more Harvest Sky block (my current leader-ender quilt).  This makes thirteen-of-twenty. I kind of want to get this one done so I can try out a new idea I have sketched out.  Isn’t that just like a quilter?  Hurry and finish this project so I can start a new one.

The small nine-patches are starting to form a border.  I sure hope this works.

Two more Civil War blocks.  These are called Empty Spools and Calico Puzzle.

So, not very exciting, but satisfying in its own way.

2 thoughts on “More Pieces

  1. i don’t know—-i think it is very exciting..i love it when someone tells me they are making progress on anything..and you seem to be..i think that border will be beautiful on your quilt..i do not think it is fun working with those half squares..and i do like the leader ender quilt but like you i want to finish the one i have going and when my “my size stars’ is done i am going to finish it..i like the civil war blocks too..wish i didn;t already have too many irons in the fire..good luck on all your progress…

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