Is This Getting Boring?

I hope you are not yet bored with my bits and pieces of projects.  The good news is that by the end of the week (at this rate, anyway) I will have two finished quilt tops to share.  Proof that slow and steady produces results.

So, Tuesday brought the following:

Harvest Sky leader-ender.  Eighteen-of-Twenty blocks finished.  Just this little pile of pieces to assemble. Oh, the anticipation!

Thread Head border.  Another set of blocks attached to one another.

Civil War quilt.  Another block completed.  It is called Ladies Aid Album. Now I am only 3 behind. I am not so sure about the contrast betweent the blues on this one.  It might need to be redone.


8 thoughts on “Is This Getting Boring?

  1. your blogs are never boring and it is so much fun to see what you have accomplished in so little time..seems like you are getting a lot glad for you…i wouldn;t change the civil war block..i’m sure you can see the contrast…i can see it in the picture and i’m sure in real life it would be even easier to see..and i love the thread head border!!! i still have to do a border on mine but i can assure you it won;t be that one..but i do love it..really sets it off..and soon the leader ender will be all done and then what will you do with your time???? thanks for showing us and making us all wish we could accomplish that much in so little time..

  2. You are sooo not boring. I’m so impressed with the amount and quality of your sewing projects and your commitment to blog so often. I love to check in every afternoon!

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