Twenty Out Of Twenty

Here is my Wednesday report.

All twenty blocks of the Harvest Sky leader-ender quilt are complete.  What a fine pile they make.  Hopefully layout and maybe even some assembly very soon. 

Also another Civil War Block, Carolina Lily.  This block has three y-seams, and they weren’t too bad.  This is a good example of why I enjoy quilt-alongs;  they give me the chance to learn new skills and try out new patterns I might otherwise have avoided.

And more border on the Thread Head quilt.  It occurred to me today that this border will have something over 800 pieces in it.  I believe that is a record for me.  When it comes to borders, at least. 

So, I guess it is just more of the same.  But that is what quilters do and call it a good time.


5 thoughts on “Twenty Out Of Twenty

  1. I want to see more of the Harvest Sky quilt! I have that pattern and it is one of several that is wanting to move up in the queue, so I’ve been enjoying watching the progression of yours!

  2. it isn’t just ‘more of the same’..each is different with it’s own little quirks and we enjoy hearing about them..that thread head quilt border is absolutely gorgeous and will make the quilt even more unique..i love it..wish i had the patience..and i do like the carolina lily pretty..wouldn;t a throw made of those be pretty??? and i am so glad you have your leader/ender quilt blocks done..can hardly wait to see how that looks when put are so talented..

  3. I like that you made the extra effort with the “Y” seams on the Carolina Lily. These Civil War blocks are good learning tools.

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