This Is Not Soup

Husband does not think soup is a summer food.  Only for winter.  Too hot in summer.  But, last week while the children were gone he cooked dinner one night.  “That looks like soup,”  I said.

“Oh, no.”  He replied.  “It is vegetable-plate-in-a-bowl. With cornbread.”

9 thoughts on “This Is Not Soup

  1. looks delicious and looks like a boiled dinner to me!!! which is ‘glorified’…that was nice of him to do…

  2. Hm. If you have to eat it with a spoon, or sop it up with cornbread, I think it’s soup. What a funny man.

  3. I agree, it looks like soup. However, if my husband fixed dinner and it looked as yummy as this does, I’d let him call it whatever he wanted.

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