Daughter has decided to expand her offerings of For Sale items. After the Farmer’s Market she decided that some cute, less-expensive items might sell.

Pincushions seemed a natural choice. Here is her pile of scrappy delights.

The pincushions are made using two five-inch squares cut into quarters and some fun buttons accented with ribbon, ricrack, or plain.  There are several similar patterns available, but if you want more directions or a tutorial, let me know.

She is going to market again this Saturday. I hope it goes well for her.

ps–She also has some new quilts completed. Too cute! I will post pictures of them soon.

To see her complete inventory, click on DOLL QUILTS FOR SALE above.

8 thoughts on “Pincushions

  1. how darling!!! she is the cleverest gal!!! i love them..i hope she does well this weekend at market..her business is really growing and she had learned one of the main things about a successful business—-keep adding to your inventory–new things..very important to keep in business…thanks for letting us know about them…

  2. love the little pincushions would you mine more how too? thanks much renee making small gifts for Xmas or trying too renee

  3. I checked out the “Doll Quilts for Sale” and can’t believe that an 11-year-old is making these treasures. She has quite a future ahead of her.

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