Daughter Market Report and Quilt Update

Daughter went to the local farmer’s market last Saturday and, despite a light crowd, did well.  She sold three quilts and two pincushions–just the right amount.  As her entry fee is only $1, and the materials are essentially free, her sales are pure profit.  And $70 a day is PLENTY for an eleven-year old child to make.  She also picked up a commission for two sets of placemats which I will share as she goes to work on them.

Here are some new quilts recently finished that are available.  You can see her complete inventory in DOLL QUILTS FOR SALE above.

6 thoughts on “Daughter Market Report and Quilt Update

  1. she did good..this is a good learning experience for her…and i love the colors of her quilts..she has an eye for color which is so hard for most people..i wish her much success in her business….

  2. She is doing such a wonderful job, just think, when she gets to be your ge or my age…what a jump on us she will have….her creativity level will be so high and precise…..you are a wonderful mom.

  3. What a great experience for her – design, construction of the quilt, marketing – everything from start to finish.

  4. Fantastic – what a wonderful experience for her- they are lovely quilts -great work!!, She is a lucky young lady to have you to help and guide her:), and she obviously has loads of tallent

  5. Great – she has the experience of interacting with the public and earning her own money on something she planned and made herself.

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