What I Did Instead

There is a large quilt with a close deadline that I was supposed to be working on. But, I just couldn’t do it.

So, I made Husband a mug rug instead. This is my first attempt at one of these “small quilted objects.” I have seen them all over the internet, but none were just right.

As I was stitching down the binding Daughter asked, “Mom, what is that small quilted object?”  It made me laugh.

When presented to Husband, I explained that it was sized to hold his drink, with room for a cookie on the side.  He asked, “Where is the cookie?”

He has a point.  I haven’t made cookies in quite a while.  Perhaps that will be part of the weekend schedule.

This mug rug (or small quilted object, as you prefer) is inspired by pictures at Mona’s Creativity. She is planning on sharing a tutorial soon. In the meantime I just guessed, but she definitely deserves credit for the idea.

So, now back to the deadline. I feel much better after that side trip. It leaves me renewed for the project that needs a push.

ps–Sad to say, but this is the first quilted object I have made for my Husband of 16-years.  I have a large quilt planned for him, but want it to be a surprise.  That is hard to do when you share a house with someone.  But, it will happen. Sometime.  Soon.

5 thoughts on “What I Did Instead

  1. i love it!!! i have made many smaller crocheted versions and called them ‘mug rugs’ —and yes i copied the name—but have not made a small quilted one..what a nice hand quilting project for winter..will have to make some for gifts…thanks for showing us..like your husband i want some cookies and think i will make some this weekend also..

  2. Very Cute Small Quilted Object!
    Yes, it is very hard, but not impossible to surprise someone with a quilt when you share a house with them. I’ve tried it a few times and had to say “none of your busines”! a couple of times

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