Name Tag

From time to time I work a little at my local quilt shop.  It is a small, happy place that opened three years ago.  After a recent expansion and the hiring of some more people, the owner asked us to make name tags to wear while we are working.

Here is effort number one:

I love the way it looks.  It is made from leftover corners from my Pinwheel Quiltalong quilt.  The HST that make the pinwheels started at 2-1/2″.  The problem is that the name tag finished to 5-1/2″ wide.  More of a placemat or mugrug than a name tag.  I sort of knew it would be too big as I was sewing on it, but by then I was in love with the idea and kept going. Do you ever do things like that?  Keep going even when you know it isn’t going to work?

Then I did this one:

It started with 1-3/4″ squares, scraps from a pieced border several years ago.

This one is a better size (about 3-3/4″ wide) and is waiting to be pinned on next time I am in the shop.

Oh, I will feel so official.

ps-If you want more directions or a sort of tutorial for these little name tags, let me know. 🙂 They are pretty fun to make and might  be good for a quilty get together.

6 thoughts on “Name Tag

  1. yes they would … our quilt club made some years ago with an off white back and yoyos for ‘flowers’ and our name on them for our quilt show..but i like these half squares and i save all my corners…thanks for the idea…cute for mug rugs too..

  2. Hi. I am just joining a quilt guild and we have to have a quilted name tag. How can I get step by step instructions as I am a beginner quilter. Love the look of this one. THANK YOU.

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