Ways To Pay For Your Habit

As things have been somewhat financially tight for our family, I have had to get creative to have a fabric budget.  I have been able to keep sewing through a variety of ways of acquiring fabric and other necessary supplies:

1. Blog.

No. This blog is not a money-maker.  But, I did approach a local quilt shop owner who had mentioned that she needed a web presence and proposed a trade.  Blog for Fabric.  I have been doing it for nearly two years and it has worked out really well.  If you already blog anyway… why not?

NOTE:  you need to make sure what the expectations are in the way of number of posts, content, answering comments, etc.  Find out what blog work is worth in your area.

2. Thrifting.

This is becoming such a big thing that it might be too obvious, but there are deals there.

3. Advertise.

What I mean is to let people know that you sew and like fabric.  Occasionally you will be given the most amazing things.  Some are traditional presents like birthdays or Christmas, but sometimes they are random. Recently a woman gifted me five large totes of fabric as she was cleaning out her stash.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Not all of it was to my personal taste (see Freecycle below) but much of it will find itself in future projects. I was so grateful for her kindness.

4. Freecycle.

Maybe you already know about Freecycle.  See here if not.  Ask for fabric, quilt batting, thread or whatever you really need.  It can’t hurt.  When people are cleaning out they want stuff they have loved to have a good home where it will be appreciated.

5. Mercenary Sewing.

A lot of people out there can’t sew, or don’t have the time, and will pay people to do it.  Mending, alternations are, perhaps, obvious, but even quilts can be a source of money.  My friend Mary cuts quilt kits for people who love to piece, but not cut, for example.

Don’t forget your local quilt shop.  Some of them pay quilters to create shop samples.  This is most commonly on a per-yard basis. Other shops will give you the fabric if you sew it and quilt it and allow it to hang in the shop for a certain period of time.

Anyway, even if your budget is generous, you might be interested in a new way to keep yourself in fabric. Maybe this has given you an idea or two?  Maybe you have another tip or trick that you would like to share? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Ways To Pay For Your Habit

  1. All great ideas! I hadn’t thought about blogging for fabric. My LQS recently changed owners. I wonder if the new owner would be interested in an online presence. The previous owners were not.

  2. how interesting!!!! i am interested in the freecycle which i just discovered has a group on my county!!! didn;t know that…thanks…a lot of good ideas there..thanks for this article.. and yes it is a HABIT!!!! once bitten you can never get away from it!!!!!

  3. Hey, Deanna! I just LOVE this post! I am on a very limited budget. You have given me some good ideas – Freecycle, for example! Thank you for taking the time to write your blog. I feel that it is a gift to all of your readers. I am glad that I have you coming to my inbox; that way I will not miss a special post!

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