Boy, Did I Labor!

It was Labor Day weekend here, and it was a four-day weekend for us.  The tradition would have been camping and picnics and such,  but, for a variety of reasons, we were stuck at home.

Well, if I am going to be stuck, I am going to make the best of it:  Sew!

I started Thursday night with a list, added a few thoughts as I went along, and nearly completed it all.  (Nearly, because the last item isn’t done, but I will share it later on in the week, with any luck).

Here is the finished inventory:

1. Towels for higene kits.  These kits are assembled for disaster relief throughout the world.  I had the fabric to make three.  A drop in the bucket of relief, but at least a drop.

2. Baby wipes/washcloths.  Our foster daughter and her husband are due with their first child in about two weeks.  These were made using this really nice tutorial and flannel scraps that I had on hand.

3. Cut scrap.  The to-be-cut bin was getting out of hand, so I trimmed it down to size.

4. Needle Keepers.  I like to have some on hand.  And there was some really nice vintage scrap.  And, well, did I really need an excuse?  Made using my TUTORIAL above.

5. Scarves (times three).  I crochet from time to time, when watching television on the rare occasions when I do watch television, or riding in the car.  Three hats needed scarves.  The colors look really off in these pictures.  Trust me.  They match better in real life.  These are part of a venture I will be able to tell you more about soon.

6. Slouchy bag from blue jeans.  I saw this sort of idea somewhere recently and thought I would give it a try.  FUN!  Also, part of venture mentioned above.

7. Civil War block.  At least I am staying caught up this time.  For now.  Simple, effective album block, and I am still enjoying the quilt along and history lessons.

So….that is about it.  Scraps and leftovers. None of these items took very long.  There were just a lot of them.  And it is good to have them finished.  More finishes coming soon to a blog near you (we hope!).

8 thoughts on “Boy, Did I Labor!

  1. wowowoow did you ever get a lot done..doesn’t it make you feel good???? i got a lot done—i thought–but not nearly as much as you…can hardly wait to hear about the ‘venture’….

  2. WOW – amazing! If that is what you do with 4 days, I cannot IMAGINE what you might do with a week! You have really inspired me — congrats!

  3. Think of it this way- drops in the “bucket of relief” (you’re so funny) really add up when you put them all together.
    Can’t wait to hear where the hats and scarves are going!

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