Refashioning A Skirt Into…A Skirt

A realize that doesn’t sound very exciting, but sometimes there are pieces that are what I call 90-percent-of-a-good-idea.

This skirt was pretty fabric, but long on me and a few sizes too large.

Six inches off the length.

Four inches out of the diameter.

An attempt at a side kick ruffle, which obviously from the pictures needs more ironing. (Taken by Husband.  Late.  At an odd angle.  And I am not a good enough blogger to try them again.)

And the leftovers made into a fun flower.

Ta-dah!  Now, that is a good idea!

5 thoughts on “Refashioning A Skirt Into…A Skirt

  1. you are so clever and it is so pretty…love the flower which i hope you put on your sweater….wish i was good at that but have tried and not my thing…

  2. I love the idea of restyling an old item into something so nice. My mother used to call that “making over” clothes and I’ve been doing it all my life.

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