More 2-Inch Squares

OK, time to cut more scrap. If you don’t already have enough. Get those 2-inch squares ready if you are interested in trying out a leader/ender scrap quilt.

 When the 100-Patch Quilt Tutorial (see TUTORIALS, above) was posted, Belinda suggested, ” a little color control on the 2 inch squares.”  It seemed like a good idea, so this time I am sorting and cutting rainbow colors. A lot of them.  About 250 of each:  purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  Either solids or tone-on-tone.  Hmmmm…I guess I need to get more fabric as I am definitely short on red. Is it unethical to buy scrap?

3 thoughts on “More 2-Inch Squares

  1. hmmm..since i don;t save 2″ squares i have none but have lots of tone on tones–and i think a lot of…so will try this…hope it’s a fun one…my last leader ender is almost done..well the blocks are anyway…

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