Sometimes a person just experiences a run of inexplicable luck.  Right now, that person  would be me.  In the past two weeks I have been the lucky winner of three blog-land giveaways.

I don’t even enter many giveaways.  I won’t enter any that require that I be a follower or that send me many different places to complete tasks mandatory for entry.  Just simple, happy giveaways that say “Leave a comment.”  That is how I run my giveaways, too (Which reminds me that it is about time to have another one).

So, here is my loot:

From GreenBagLady, this sturdy market bag.  It is made of organic cotton and feels as nice as it looks.  It folds up really small and tucks in the sidedoor pocket of my car, which helps me remember to use it when I am out.

From Ali Lichtenstein, this bundle of blues!  I am currently mulling over what to do with it. But I can tell you that if I had 10 yards of that top piece it wouldn’t be too much.  I would just wrap myself in it and feel beautiful.

And, from Cassie of Elegantitus, twelve vintage sheet fat quarters in such  bright and happy colors that I want to go make SOMETHING with them right now!  She has more in her shop, but this one is all mine!

Thank you to all of the sponsors of giveaways.  It is nice to discover new blogs and, often, I find myself following them (by choice). Having hosted a few giveaways myself, I know they are a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  You get to meet new people and, sometimes, you are lucky enough to win (and win and win).

9 thoughts on “Winner…Winner…Winner

  1. how great for you!!!! congratulations!!! i rarely see any give aways on blogs other than yours..i don;t keep up with very many of them..i look at a lot of them but am not a follower so i seem to miss the give aways..but i am glad you won so much beautiful stuff!!!!! love the bag..

  2. Congratulations! I like your vintage sheet fat quarters – I’m really into vintage sheets right now (or as I have interpreted it – good quality sheets in good condition from the Goodwill). And out of your stack of blue fabric winnings I spy some musical looking fabric that looks mighty good…..good thing I’m not within snatching range!

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