Batik Sneak Peek

I have shared glimpses of this project before, but this is more of a sneak peek. 

The (queen size) top is finished as of Thursday night just before midnight (I was determined to meet my deadline).  Today it is off to the quilter’s artistic hands.  Not my quilt, but a Block of the Month (BOM)  sample for my Local Quilt Shop (LQS).  If you are a batik person or a BOM person, watch for updates.  If you are interested I’ll get you the information to connect with the shop and participate by mail.

So, this is NOT what I will be working on for the FNSI tonight (see Sidebar).  Hmmm…what shall it be?  I have a small project for me and a school project idea for my children in mind.  Check back tomorrow afternoon to see how it turns out.

6 thoughts on “Batik Sneak Peek

  1. the colors are beautiful!! i am so glad you have finished it !!!!! be anxious to see what it looks like when completely done..have a good FNSI…think i will cut 2″ will be a FNCI!!!!!

  2. It looks lovely! I look forward to seeing the finished product 🙂 I am also excited to be getting back into the FNSI tonight! I haven’t done one since last year & I need the extra motivation to start getting ready for Christmas again! Tonight will be cutting (& hopefully piecing) blocks for a couple baby blankets.

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