Two Inch Update

When I mentioned that I was again playing with 2-inch squares, Darlene asked, ” I’m intrigued – what are you up to? ”

Well, as it is still a design-in-progress, I can’t EXACTLY tell you what I am up to, because I don’t EXACTLY know.  But here is a piece.  So far.

So they are rainbow-colored 36-patch blocks.  As you can see, they are laid out using the colors of the rainbow on the diagonal.

You wouldn’t have to do it this way.  If you want to play along for a bit of a mystery (knowing that parts of it are a mystery to me, too, right now), please feel free to get a whole bunch (about 2000.  Again. ) of 2-inch squares and, a little at a time, start to assemble 36-patch blocks.

I have three so far.  Thirty-three  to go.  Yep, as far as I know it will take 36 of these 36-patch blocks to make this quilt.  But, if you are using the rainbow plan, only make 6 so far, using the same color layout for them all.  More directions/suggestions coming later.

So, Darlene, did I answer your question?  Or did that just make matters worse?

7 thoughts on “Two Inch Update

  1. I’d really like to try this one (and the 100 sq one lol) they both look so great!! Will just have to start cutting all my scrap into 2″ squares until I have a huge pile!! I cut enough to make two quilts, maybe three, for the 1000 Pyramid quilt. I haven’t started to sew any of them! I’m afraid of messing up!! I’ll get started “one of these days”. I’ll keep cutting more ” pyramids” and now 2″ squares. You always do such a beautiful job!!

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