Soft And Sweet…And Complete

Perhaps the most interesting “scraps” are partially finished quilts.  Sometimes it is a single orphan block.  Sometimes a lot of blocks that might or might not go together.

In a recent scrap bag were two embroidery blocks with a triple border sewn around them, three coordinating fat quarters and MILES of more-or-less 1-1/2″ strips.  Seriously, I should have measured how much there was.

The fabric is by Nancy Halverson, so is good quality and pretty, soft colors.  Surely, SOMETHING could be done to salvage a quilt top out of this, but I had no idea what the original maker intended.

So, after quite a bit of pondering, I put together this asymmetrical scrap top, using as much of the fabric as practical. 

The fat quarters became the four-patch blocks and the squares in the half-border.

The strips became a few braid blocks and lots of miscellaneous border pieces.

The finished product is about 48″ x 55″–a nice throw size.

It will be donated to Emily Bailey and her Happy Chemo project.  This is my fourth donated quilt to this cause this year.  I hope to finish one more (more orphan blocks) and then have two new charities picked for next year. More details on that later.

In the meantime, this little top is counted as complete.

12 thoughts on “Soft And Sweet…And Complete

  1. how pretty and how good of you to donate did a good job of using what you had on hand to make a throw that looks like it was have so many clever ideas…you inspire us all….

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