Scrappy Happy (Simple) Finish

Here’s another one made from bits and pieces, mostly abandoned treasures in scrap bags.

Oh, how I love those scrap bags.  I wouldn’t be able to keep sewing without them. This project included sort of free-form piecing to use the fabric as it came, straight line quilting along the pieced rows, and a scrappy binding.  That binding might even be my favorite part.

Sometimes the fabric that comes in those bags isn’t to my personal taste, but the challenge of “Now, what I can do with this” has, I hope, made me a better quilter (And, maybe, a better person.)  I would love to have a budget for current, fashionable, cool fabric.  But, I don’t.  So, I am happy with what I do have.

Which includes that “lovely” unfinished outlet above.  But, Daughter begged me to take a picture using her ballet barre as a prop.  Dark and raining outside.  So, I did.

10 thoughts on “Scrappy Happy (Simple) Finish

  1. i love colorful!!! i know..i have some gals giving me their scraps now and i haven;t had time yet to go thru them but just looking in the bag makes me want to start cutting –or doing something with is great..that is so pretty and bright and spring like for a dreary day…

  2. I love those fabrics! I actually recognize some crazy daisy fabric in there!! I have bought some of that at wal-mart & a dollar value store & it is STILL one of my most favorite fabric lines! It doesn’t have to be expensive to be great!

  3. I am struggling with the blue bar on the bottom. That being said, I spent a long time looking at this quilt and there is a lot going on that is really interesting to look at. I especially like the trees, cut in half and sewn back together with an insert. I love the scrappy, random nature of the quilt. I love the binding, too. I like how you didn’t add a border and how modern that makes the quilt look.

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