Why I Love This Time Of The Year

Mmmm…. (Saturday’s harvest)

Ahhh…(still on the tree)

Yes, it is still canning season.

And, my birthday.  I am 43.  Amazing!

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder how I got to be this old.  But, I don’t feel old.  And I wouldn’t trade my 43 year old brain for my 23 year old body.  No way.  My 23 year old self wasn’t married, wasn’t a mother, didn’t sew.  Poor her!

So many good things in life now.  So much to be happy and grateful for. Thank you for sharing my birthday with me.

17 thoughts on “Why I Love This Time Of The Year

  1. Oh, I am so happy that you are having a good birthday! I am 42 and it’s great to think that 43 is a good one, too!
    Thanks for the great blog and inspiring pictures!

  2. Happy Birthday!! What a great attitude to have about getting older. Enjoying the life & self that you have is definitely better than looking back & wishing for what you used to have. The “poor her” toward your 23 year old self made me laugh 🙂

    ~ meagan

  3. happy happy birthday!!! i would not trade my 74 year old body or mind for anything younger..i am much happier and more content now!!!! and i love the pictures of your garden bounty..how delicious and healthy it all looks..

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! There are times when I would cheerfully trade my old mind for that young body. LOL! Give yourself another 20 years and see what you think.

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