More Orphans

More orphan blocks (or abandoned projects?) were gifted to me.


Do you see something taking shape here?

Here’s finish number one! (The blue border looks much more off in this picture than in real life–I HOPE!)

And, Round Two!

With a finish.

There are things about each of these tops that I would change if I did it again.

The first one:  I don’t care for the skinny, dark line reddish line created near the middle of the quilt.

The second one:  The largest pink block is too much.

That said, they are done and ready for donation.  Yes, Emily, these are on their way to you ready to comfort cancer patients.  One of my goals for the year was to create an orphan quilt.  This makes five of them.  Goal reached!

This also marks the end of my donation plans for this year.  If more orphan blocks come my way I will set them aside for worthy projects next year.

On the next one, I will try to document the process and share my thinking. Suggestions are welcome.  I have a lot to learn about this process, but this much I do know: Each is different.  Each is a challenge.  Each is SATISFYING!

10 thoughts on “More Orphans

  1. If it’s any help, I didn’t notice either of the two things you would have changed until you pointed them out! 🙂 I think they look great — I particularly like the first one. Both will be gifts of great comfort, I’m sure! 🙂

  2. I also didn’t notice either of the two things you pointed out as things you would do differently. The quirkiness of orphan block quilts is one of their charms!

  3. They are both very interesting I think. And there is never only one right answer when it comes to block arrangement 🙂 It’s so nice that we are always learning with this hobby.

  4. like the others i didn;t notice what you noticed about them..although with your first thought about the red line that still doesn;t bother me but when you mentioned the pink block now that is all i can see…lol..but an orphan block quilt is something like a sampler and i really like them..people who don;t quilt won’t notice any of that..they will think it is beautiful and more important it is comforting and warm..that’s all that matters..good job…

  5. I am seriously questioning my sanity in visiting your blog – there is always something here being finished that reminds me of something unfinished in my own stash and I get the urge to jump up, pull it out and get to work on it. I don’t know if that makes you a bad influence or a good influence. Lovely orphan block quilts.

    1. Michelle i am so with you…i want to do everything she mentions and i cannot do it all..but i think we are being influenced by a good person in a good way because we are getting stuff done, aren;t we?????? what fun you are Deanna!!! keep up the good work!!!

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