Basketry, Sewing Style

Young Son, age 13, is a Boy Scout.  Scouting is a terrific program–leadership, camping, service.

You may have heard of merit badges, those small round marks of accomplishment that are sewn onto sashes across the land, showing that a scout has acquired a certain amount of skill in subjects ranging from lifesaving to rabbit raising.

Young Son went to summer camp this year and came back with a dreaded “partial finish,”  meaning he started a badge but didn’t complete all the requirements.  The subject?  Basketry.

He made one basket, a nice round one of reeds.  He learned how to cane a seat.  But, he did not finish his square basket.

After studying the requirements, we determined that there was no requirement specifying the materials used in the basket construction.

So, we searched and BEHOLD! the saving tutorial:  Woven Fabric Basket.

Young Son selected 2-1/2″ strips from the bin.  Interfaced.

Sewed.  Wove.

Sewed.  Got poked with pins.

Nearly gave up.

Ta-dah! A finished basket.  And a finished badge.  Whew!

ps–This is a really good tutorial and the results are quite sturdy, more sturdy than I expected.  We are impressed and plan to try a few different shapes, perhaps making a narrower one for a pencil holder and a wide, flat one to hold bread at the table.  Any other ideas?

11 thoughts on “Basketry, Sewing Style

  1. What a great idea!! Yay Mom for figuring out how to get the badge accomplished 🙂

    The basket he made here looks like the right size for a sewing table trash bin. Maybe a bigger one would be good for a bedroom bin?

  2. How cute! He did a very good job — earned that patch! I took a look at the link — she had some other nice tutorials, too. Great — another blog bookmarked. LOL! 🙂 I adore it when we have Boy Scouts up at the camp — they are the most organized, courteous groups of campers. When they’re gone, there’s nary a piece of trash or anything to tell you someone was there. Have a happy weekend! 🙂

  3. A basket for Hot Wheels cars or doll clothes. I can see one holding soap, extra toothbrush, a rolled up washcloth and such in a guest room or guest bathroom. Great job by your Scout (and you)! My son is a first year Webelo this year so I feel your pain about the unfinished badge.

  4. what a great idea!!! haven;t ckd out the tutorial yet but am going to..have a housefull of company right now and can hardly turn around but i love that idea..what great gifts too..he did such a good job and love the are a very resourceful mom..

  5. What a cool basket! He should be proud of that! Love the colors/fabrics he used. I can see making one for fabric scraps too or putting a potted plant into it. Great job!

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