Green Beans

This weekend, among other things, was Green Bean Weekend.

I really enjoy bottling the variety of produce we are able to grow here.  And having a pressure canner is a great blessing (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

And beans are done.  We pulled the plants and declared that part of the year OVER even though we have not had our first frost.  It is coming though.  The wind is cold tonight (Sunday).

7 thoughts on “Green Beans

  1. Yes! Canned green beans are the best! I missed my big canner — and neither my daughter nor my daughter-in-law wanted it, but since canning isn’t all that practical in the RV, I sold it. I’ll just enjoy looking at your canning triumphs. LOL! Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. You are going to enjoy those green beans this winter. I love everything about
    canning. My health has not let me do it for the last 2 years. BUT….maybe next year. I love to do fig preserves,any kind of jelly,stewed tomato,salsa,
    pickles and anything I can put in a jar. I love when someone says that they can, itis a dying art.

  3. they look delicious..never have used a pressure canner…was too afraid of them but canned lots of stuff…i miss it..was always something i enjoyed but not practical for just me..

  4. Just seeing those beautiful jars of green beans brings back so many good memories, although at the time I was really getting tired of canning and freezing by this time of year.

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