TUTORIAL: Crochet Hook Case

Daughter and I were sorting crochet hooks for a project she is working on and I was suddenly struck by what a mess they were.

Nothing to do but make a carrier or case of some sort. It’s just a simple little thing, but I was so pleased I thought to share the results with you.  The same concept sized slightly differently could also be used for paintbrushes, colored pencils, knitting needles…whatever.




3 Fabric Scraps 9″x8-1/2″ (Mine match.  Yours do not need to.)

1 Fabric scrap 1-1/2″x24″

Medium weight fusible interfacing scrap 9″x8-1/2″



1. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of the 9″x8-1/2″ fabric scrap that you plan to use to line your holder.

2. Fold the 1-1/2″ fabric scrap in half wrong sides together and iron.  Then fold the sides in to the center and iron again making four layers.  Stitch along both sides of long, thin piece.  This will be your tie. (Sorry!  No picture of this step.)

3. Fold the piece of fabric you plan to use for the pocket in half, long ways,  and right sides out.  You will now have a doubled piece approximately 9″x4-1/4″.  Top stitch along folded edge.

 4. Layer the three pieces of fabric scrap:  outside piece right side up, folded pocket fabric, lining fabric right side down (fusible up). Place the tie, folded in half, just above the edge of the pocket.  Put the folded in towards the outside and the loose ends towards the inside.  Be careful to place them so you don’t sew over them when you sew around the edges.

5. Sew around all four sides, leaving a small opening for turning right side out.

6. Turn right sides out and push the corners out nice and square.  I like to use a chopstick for this.

7. Topstitch around the outer edge to secure and decorate.

8.  Now to add the individual hook pockets. I recently learned that a standard measuring tape is 5/8″ wide.  Did you know that?  Very useful bit of knowledge.  This is how I used it here:  As a seam guide.  Feeling either lazy or inspired, I lay the measuring tape along the side seam and stitched very close to it.  Moving it to the next space I quickly created a series of 11 pockets very close to the same size with straight lines and no marking. (Looking back I might make my fabric 9-1/2″ wide so it could hold an even dozen hooks.)

8. Install crochet hooks.

8. Roll up and wrap tie around once before tying your bow.  Ta-dah!

8 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: Crochet Hook Case

  1. can hardly wait to try this..maybe this afternoon…your instructions sound like they would be easy to follow..thanks for putting it on..

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