Sew-in Report, And A Selfish Question

Well, the binding is complete.  At about 10:30PM the last stitch went in.

And then I spread it out on the floor and just looked at it for 15 minutes more.

The problem is that I had started this quilt on a whim, out of a scrap bag. (Yes, people throw stuff like this away.) Then, part way through, I thought I might give it to a friend.  Just because.  The problem is that about the time I was quilting it, I started to like it.  A lot. Then there is that bias cut blue plaid binding.  Very blue.  And plaid. And bias.

As I sat there gazing at it Husband (who didn’t end up having to work last night and was trying to watch a movie) said, “It isn’t a puppy.  You don’t have to ask me if you can keep it.”  Was it that obvious?

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all of this is that I only have ONE quilt.  Yes, that’s right.  Only one. I don’t keep quilts.  I give them all away. But, now there is THIS quilt.

I have set it aside for now.  I am not ready to make a decision.  But, here is my question: Is it selfish to keep a quilt “just because?”

Drat.  I never should have chosen a blue binding.

ps–The fabric in the top is mostly from various Nancy Halvorsen collections, as far as I can tell.  The binding is also Nancy Halvorsen. The back is  from David Textiles. The pattern is Harvest Sky from Aunt Em’s Quilts.

34 thoughts on “Sew-in Report, And A Selfish Question

  1. I really did LOL when I read your hubby’s comment. YES it is okay to keep the quilt. That is not selfish at all. After all, you salvaged all the fabric from your scraps, you sewed it , you quilted it, you bound it, and most importantly, you LOVE it! What is selfish about that. I love it too. Enjoy your new quilt.

  2. you are worried that people are going to think you are selfish keeping one of your quilts..nobody is going to think that for one minute!!!! it is a gorgeous quilt and one of these days i will have the pattern and make one of my own..i love it and if anybody in this world deserves it it is you!! if you are feeling bad because you were making it for a friend and now you don;t have one to give her well then make her one..decide that by jan 1, 2012 you will have a quilt made for your friend from scraps..and do it..even do the same pattern but don;t use your very favorite colors and fabrics..use only the ones you like and would look good together and make a good go put that quilt on your bed , put the one on there now away and enjoy it…i have about 10 quilts in my house i have made and 3 of them are mine and i have never felt selfish about don;t you either..this quilt is YOU!!! very colorful,. very organized, very different and put together beautifully!!!! enjoy it

  3. I think you should kee[ it – JUST because 🙂 Its a truly lovely quilt and will give you much joy…. time to spoil yourself ♥
    Thats being kind to yourself …

  4. Your husband’s comment is TOO funny! Well, just ask yourself how many hundreds (thousands? millions?) of yards of fabric you have given away in completed quilts over the years? Keeping JUST ONE (with a blue bias plaid binding!!!) is surely allowed.

  5. Keep the quilt, honey! I’m like you in that I ALWAYS give away my quilts. Granted I’ve made a quilt or two that I *still* wish I had kept, but if I had it to do over again…somebody would be quiltless (LOL!)

    I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it. The quilt is gorgeous!

  6. It is beautiful! I say keep it! I looked around my house a few months ago and realized that I had two quilts. Two. I make an awful lot of these things and spend an awful lot of money to only have two. I love making quilts for others but it is embarrassing when every person who visits my house asks if I made the quilt on my bed and I have to say that I didn’t. lol

  7. Keep it I say. It is not selfish at all. Your friend can have the next one you make from a scrap bag. And yes, the blue plaid binding would certainly be the decider for me too. If you are really torn between you and her, I could send you my address and I would show no guilt at all. Seriously….keep it, your husband is right.

  8. Someone who has given away every GORGEOUS quilt she has made is anything BUT selfish!! This quilt spoke to you … and said “keep me” -so you should! It will warm you heart and soul!!!

  9. i have a quilt like that. i started out making it for my sister because i was going to make quilts that year for everyone in the family. right. you know how that ended. i finished the quilt a long time after i started it, had hand quilted every stitch, and i absolutely loved it. so i kept it. only i know that it was originally supposed to go to someone else….

  10. I loved your husband’s comment. And no… it’s not at all selfish to keep a quilt that you love. We should all surround ourselves with things that we love and give us happy feelings inside. It sounds like this quilt does that for you.

  11. Keep it! You deserve good/nice/beautiful things, too! You do so much for others-especially us out here in Blogland-and this is simply a perk of the job!
    Have a great day!

  12. Keep it! it’s beautiful and you deserve it! No need to stress about it! It is not selfish and you only have 1 other one. You have to remember that you are important too and deserve a gift every now and then… so give it to yourself! By the way… I’m your newest follower! Have a Great Day! 🙂

  13. I am a member of the ‘keep it’ club as well. I am partial to scrappy quilts and your is simply lovely! You are so very generous and bless so many with the beautiful quilts you create. Selfish to keep this one? I think not. It will bring you joy. You can make another for your friend.

  14. I am the same way! I have made twelve quilts since I started the hobby and I haven’t kept one yet. I am vowing to make at least ONE to keep next year, hoepfully that will happen!!

  15. hello keep the quilt and enjoy it, your like some of us we just give our makes away truly yours is the one keep it take care Renee

  16. I love what your hubby said!! Don’t keep it ‘bcause you deserve it’or are selfish – keep it because you love it and make the next one with your friend in mind at every choice. Then it is especially for her and every stitch is for her. Snuggle up with your new puppy and enjoy the work of your hands!

  17. It isn’t at all selfish. I have kept any number of quilts, and been tempted to keep others. There’s one I adored, and I continually regret not keeping! So keep it! If it needs to go to someone else sometime, you’ll be glad you did. In the meantime, I’ll hope it lives with you forever! Love the binding. =)

  18. I realize it is past time for comment here, but since you linked it, and I am a newcomer to your blog, reading late, I’ll comment anyway. I can add a reason to all the “you deserve it” comments–that I also agree with. (I also tend to give quilts away more than keep–the fun for me is in the making. And if I have a photo,that is usually enough, but not always.)

    Here’s the added reason to keep: You should rotate the quilts on your bed every couple months to delay fading from sun. So! You owe yourself at least four. 🙂

    I also enjoyed your husband’s insight and humor.

  19. I used to give away all my quitls. Then one day I looked around and saw that I did not have any. Now I make all my quilts for me, and still I allow some of them go off do to thier duty.

    Now when you walk into my home, you know a quilter lives there.

    Susan in Ga

  20. A little after the fact here too but….. I did the same thing last year and kept it. Felt guilty for awhile and then realized that of all the quilts I have made I had only 2 and none fit my bed! When I was a cross stitcher and did elaborate designs I didn’t keep one! After all those years of giving myself arthritic hands I didn’t have one piece to stare at for 15 minutes! Enjoy your creations! They make you happy AND keep you warm! Kind of like a puppy! LOL :0). Caryn

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