You Can Blame Regina

You know how I said that I was done with donation projects for the year?  Well, along comes Regina and her4Patches4Hope and I am off the wagon in a flash.


I have put some 4-patches in the mail.   Oh, come on.  Yes, I am enabling you to a relapse along with me.  I have fabric.  How can I not help? You have fabric.  Can’t you help, too?

ps–If you haven’t had a chance to enter already, don’t forget the giveaway (potholder) in the previous post. DT.

2 thoughts on “You Can Blame Regina

  1. of course i will send 4-patches..lots of ivory fabric and lots of other colors so here i go with you…it is a worthy cause..thanks for letting us know about it..

  2. Guilty as charged! Glad I got you to fall off that wagon – at least for a little bit! Thanks so much for helping – by sending blocks and by spreading the word. Both are much appreciated! We are closing in on enough for a first quilt soon!

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