Don’t Hurt Yourself

Sewing injuries happen–needles through fingers, stepping on stray pins, and let’s not even mention rotary cutters.

But, they don’t have to happen.  Particularly the long-term stress injuries caused by bad habits such as poor posture.

I found THIS ARTICLE very helpful.  Give it a read and take care, it can be dangerous out there.  Don’t let an accident or stress injury keep you from the craft you love.

ps–Here’s the whole address in case the link doesn’t work for you:

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Hurt Yourself

  1. very interesting and informative..i only disagree with her on one thing—my ironing board is some 30 feet away from my machine…i walk thru a hall and 2 rooms to get to it..this is deliberate…so i am up and down constantly while sewing..that is the way i want it to be..but i am going to do some measuring of my cutting table and machine …very interesting..thank you for telling us about it..

  2. That was a good article. Thanks for mentioning it. Perfect timing too b/c we’re in the process of building my sewing space (that’s why I haven’t been able to sew much lately; things are in disarray).

  3. Great article — I bookmarked it for future reference, too. We had a guy come in to our guild last year and give a presentation on quilting-specific ergonomics. Very interesting stuff! 🙂

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