Shhhh! Don’t Say A Word

Since I finally made me a quilt, just because, I decided that it is time to make one for that good man I am glad to call Husband.  He has put up with me, and my quilting, for years.  I have never made him a quilt, unless you count the “small quilted object”  (mug rug) that I gave him a month or so ago.

So, it is about time. I hauled out some stuff I have had in the “pending idea” pile, have picked a design and am going to work.  He works a part-time job at night on most weekends.  I hope I can fit in enough secret sewing in my own house to finish a quilt between now and Christmas.  What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Shhhh! Don’t Say A Word

  1. you will get it done..i love the colors and can hardly wait to see what design you use…one year for Christmas i gave my husband a pattern for a shirt and flannel to make it..i just could not get it done..he loved it!!! so if you don;t quite finish give it to him anyway..he will understand..

  2. Why do we always put our supportive mates so far down the list when it comes to quilts? I did the same thing but thankfully got it done before it was too late. I’m confident you will finish in time for Christmas.

  3. How fun! If he happens to see it, just say it is a charity quilt. I did this when I was making a quilt for my son and he caught me working on it. He didn’t think twice about it because I make so many charity quilts and was surprised when he opened it.

  4. The first quilt that got to live in our house was for my husband (all the others had been gifts for people), but I didn’t make it in secret so that part was easier. Especially the part where he got down on the floor and pin-basted it for me because I was 8 1/2 months pregnant at that stage!

    I’m a little too scared to do anything major in secret from him because he has rather particular tastes, but in the long run I’m sure he’d love whatever I make for him.

    Good luck with your quilt, I hope you find the time to make it in secret.

  5. I’ve been wanting to do this for my husband too! But there is NO WAY I’d be able to make it in secret. It would be really fun if you could surprise him with it for Christmas. But really, if it doesn’t end up being a surprise, you know he’ll still love it anyway 🙂 Good luck with your secret project!!

    ~ meagan

  6. If yours is like mine, after waiting his turn so long, he will cherish it and refuse to let it go. LOL I can hardly wait to see a picture of what you’ve done with these fabrics. Mine was a scrappy bowtie.

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