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Jo’s Country Junction is a quilting blog that I read fairly often, but this recent post was one of her best ever.

Take the time to read Raising a Girl to Sew. If the link doesn’t work, try pasting this:

As some of you know,  I have my own sewing daughter. And crochet. And cross stitch.) You will see her work here from time to time, or above in the SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE tab.)  It is such a pleasure to share this part of my life with her.  Perhaps you have a young woman in your life, daughter, granddaughter, or neighbor, who would like to learn a craft?  Pay it forward to the next generation.

6 thoughts on “Good Advice…

  1. You are such an amazing mom. I just love the little gal that is coming by here…..she is a slob like me too…I just laughed at her and said we must be twins. She had fabric everywhere….no worries for me…..maybe I should encourage neatness? But how can mother crab teach young daughter to walk straight forward when she herself walks sidways??? (maybe I will make a post out of this one).

  2. You made me chuckle this morning. I had hight hopes when as a little girl, our daughter was fascinated with my button box and she loved choosing fabrics for me me to sew outfits for her, but then I lost her…to her Daddy and horses and the barn. She followed in his footsteps, but I can’t complain. She completed a cross stitch project and did take sewing 1 in 4-H. Most recently, this summer, she made yo-yos for a yo-yo puppy to take to college and sat with me as I made her college quilt. Growing up, I had no desire to sew, but my Mom didn’t sew either. After having our first child, I had a burning desire to learn so there is hope for her as well. But I love that you have a partner in crime when it comes to needle and thread! I’ll bet you’re building wonderful memories together!

  3. In my case, I’m the aunt. My niece loves to sew. She has a birthday coming up and I’m making her up a kit to make some little zipper bags. I got the pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. I printed it out and added some handwritten tips. Along with the pattern I’m sending her all the materials she will need to make three bags, even the thread. And I’ve cut all the pieces for her since she isn’t old enough to use a rotary cutter unsupervised.

  4. I also follow Jo’s blog and loved her entry about raising a girl to sew. I didn’t have a daughter, but a son, and I did teach him how to do simple mending – sewing on a button and hemming up pants. My mom taught my sister and me to sew as we sat on her lap while she “drove” the sewing machine and we fed material under the needle. Mom eventually took us with her to sewing camp, which we still attend, even though she can’t because of Alzheimer’s and macular degeneration. I’m eternally glad that she engendered such a love of creative arts in her daughters.

  5. Thank you for the link – she had some great tips. My daughters never cared to sew or quilt, but they’re experts at just about every other kind of handwork (which I don’t do well at all). I still have hopes of my granddaughter taking an interest.

  6. my mother was a seamstress and made most of my clothes when i was a child..but she never encouraged me to sew..she was too busy making a living for my brother and i but when i took homemaking –our teacher would not call it home economics—i found an interest in sewing..then when i got married and got my own machine i just took off..loved daughter has never had an interest in it..but she does beautiful 22 count cross grand daughter wants to know how to sew but doesn;t want to learn it..she wants to have a machine—which i gave her—and have it just take off i did teach her to knit and quilt..i have to make the blocks for her to quilt and when they are all done we will turn them into a quilt..everyone has their own talents…sewing just doesn’t happen to be the talents that my 2 girls have..but i make up for it..i love it..

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