A Little More Quilting

Potholders use small pieces of batting and, typically, making large quilts generates a lot of small pieces of batting, but I found myself running short. I have already made several potholders and Daughter uses larger-small pieces (I know that makes sense to quilters.) in her quilts.

I didn’t want to cut a whole large batt just to make potholders. So, I hauled out this quilt top.

I was finished quite a while ago (June 2010) and had been languishing in the to-be-quilted pile. Here is the post about the top finish. So, I loaded up the old Pfaff with chocolate thread (a safe treat) and started making more straight lines.

It is nearly done and ready to bind. Then I can get back to potholders.

Hopefully, finish pictures will be ready to share by the weekend. Or end of the weekend. Anyway, soon.

8 thoughts on “A Little More Quilting

  1. Now that is smart…..you just are amazing. I know, I had to dip into my good pieces of batting for a few small projects. I do have small pieces but not small enough. Oh well, clever gal you are!!

  2. Oh wow — I can’t believe you did a whole quilt using this template! I did one block of this and felt like I’d done my share of curved piecing. LOL! This is beautiful — and I love the colors! Was it a coordinated fabric line you used? Gorgeous! 🙂

  3. i saw this pattern and want to do it someday..have never done anything other than applique using curved lines…like Denise said i’d be more inclined to think i’d do one block and be done with it..but yours is beautiful..love the colors..you are clever to use as much of a large batt as you can then use the cutaways..i have bags of cutaways..but i am constantly finding things to do with them..good luck on the quilting..it will be beautiful when you are done..

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