Short A Camera

This weekend was a pretty good weekend, but I can’t show you any of it because I am short a camera.  I left it at the quilt shop on Saturday.  Darn it!  But, now I have an excuse to go back sooner than I otherwise would have, so it is not all bad.

As a short summary, this weekend I canned applesauce, suffered with Husband’s quilt (which is a story all it’s own), worked at the quilt shop, helped Daughter with her sewing projects, did a mountain of dishes, cut batting for more potholders, helped Young Son (reluctantly) learn more about ironing, taught a Sunday School lesson, cleaned out the refrigerator, stitched the binding on the circle quilt, transplanted the rosemary and managed to keep everyone fed.

About an average weekend in the life of a middle-aged quilter, don’t you think?!

13 thoughts on “Short A Camera

  1. Darn, I hate that you have to re-visit that quilt shop…I know how much it’ll pain you. LOL! Your weekend sounds lovely — comfy and homey and slow-paced (relatively speaking; I think you’ll understand what I mean). I love washing dishes. I don’t know why — I’m strange, I guess. Have a very happy week! 🙂

  2. i would not call that the average weekend of a quilter—and you are not middle aged!!!! i would call that an average WEEK!!!!! but i am glad you are busy and a happy homemaker, wife and mother..that is what is important..going back to the quilt store would be a treat after that busy weekend..can hardly wait to see the progress on the quilt and some of that applesauce..

  3. Good grief. You don’t need just “a camera”. You need a camera CREW to follow you around and film all that you do.

  4. What- No Laundry?!?! TSK-TSK-TSK, bit of slack there. HA HA HE HE!!! I’d be happy to help your son with his ironing-taught all three of mine and nobody id disfigured or scarred! I am one of those hopeless weirdos who actually loves to iron. Hopeless case I’m afraid……

  5. You make me feel bad… on my weekend I spent $300 on clothes, and went to a tupperware party. That about sums it up really! (Was recovering from a wedding on Friday evening and the weeks of stress leading up to it as I was a bridesmaid)

  6. You were certainly a lot busier this past weekend than I was. And good for you (and your son) that you’re teaching him to iron.

  7. Yes, it sounds like a normal weekend. =) Where did you put the rosemary? I’m trying to decide whether to leave mine in the pot or put it in the ground. I’m thinking spring may be a better time to put it in the ground. It did well in our recent nights of around 32, but I’m not sure about what will happen when it’s colder, or for longer

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