Friday Night Sew-in Today…YAY!

Today is the Friday Night Sew-in and it just so happens that I have no out-of-the-home work today.  YAY!

Handmade by Heidi

So, my Friday Night Sew-in is getting an early start.  I have the children on their way and I am going to clean up the kitchen and start a fire (Brrr!) and settle in with my machine.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

I will report in later with (I hope) progress:

1. Bury threads on circle quilt

2. Two sets of potholders

3. Two PJ pants for nephews

4. Work on husband quilt

5. We’ll see!

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-in Today…YAY!

  1. i wish you much luck getting your list done!!! i have cut out 2 pillow covers for my granddaughter and plan to sew them after lunch..when i finish with them i have a 42 x 46 quilt to make for a 3 year old boy that my daughter’s dept at work has ‘adopted’ for Christmas…when that is done i am going to start his hat and scarf set..and i had forgotten that this was friday night sew in!!!!

  2. That is a full list ! I’m new to your site- Friday night sew in is a wonderful idea,please count me in! Now as it is ‘night’ somewhere I am making up for lost sew-in weeks by beginning NOW! I too have some flannel jammie pants to make,8 pillowcases;6girl&2boy, a wallquilt I’ve been working on for my upstairs hallway that will be antique by the time I get it complete And I should start up the north face of mending mountain!And lest I forget there is the matter of a tutu for a sock monkey. Happy Sewing To Us All!!

  3. 35 past midnight here in West Australia now… and I finished my Friday night…Will post on it later. I must have been sewing along with you 🙂 What a list you have.

  4. Oh, have fun tonight! I’m probably skipping this FNSI — family gets here Sunday for the WEEK and we’ve got a group coming into the camp tomorrow, so there’s lots to be done. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  5. I’m very excited! I am sitting at my computer in front of my machine and trying to get caught up on all of my blogging and emailing before I start quilting! 😉

    Enjoy your sewing tonight!

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