So Successful Sew-In

The Friday Night Sew-in turned into an on-and-off-all-Friday-sew-in.  As I had no out of the house commitments, I decided to dedicate as much of the day as possible to achieving a few sewing goals:

1. Bury threads on circle quilt

2. Two sets of potholders

3. Two PJ pants for nephews

4. Work on husband quilt

5. We’ll see!

Here is my report:

1. Bury threads on circle quilt. DONE!  It took longer than I expected–over an hour–and is not my favorite part of quilting, but it is finished.

2. Two sets of potholders. DONE!  At least they are assembled and the bindings are on.  The rest is details that will be taken care of with a single car trip or football game.

3. Two PJ pants for nephews.  DONE!  And the third pair is laid out and ready to cut.

4. Work on husband quilt. WHOOPS!  Didn’t touch it.  Darn it.

5. We’ll see! WE DID.  I have a Christmas charity that I support each year.  It provides stockings for Youth in Custody.  I have committed to 35 this year and they need to be complete by December 10.  Time to get serious about this one.  So, I spent some time on the phone requesting donations of filler items and got out fabric for stockings.  I even have one cut out.  Just 34 more to go.  Remind me next year to start in October.  Or, better yet, September.

And, that’s it.

Pictures and more details on each project are coming.  I can’t decide if I am a lazy blogger or a busy blogger, but getting pictures of everything and loading them just wasn’t on my list today.  Sorry, but, really, I promise they are coming soon.

Did you sew?  How did it go?

15 thoughts on “So Successful Sew-In

  1. your description of things you are doing is good..send pix when you can…we understand..if i had my druthers i’d rather be sewing than taking pix one would call you a lazy blogger so you must be a busy blogger!!! which i know you just keep up the good work!!! i didn;t get as much of my list done as i wanted to but i have my grandson here hunting and i have to fix meals and do laundry…but i got the two pillow covers done to match my grand daughter’s quilt (i made her a spring set in the spring and covered some 12″ throw pillows to match it and had to make some new ones to match new quilt), got a 9 year old girl’s scarf–pink–crocheted and got the little boy’s quilt cut out..have it almost done this i did get things done..good luck on husband’s will get it done..

  2. Wow, you did get a lot accomplished!! Why don’t you go ahead and sew 69 more stockings, and then you’ll only have to fill them next year. Cheeky, aren’t I?! Glad you had such a fun and productive night! 🙂

  3. I did sew! I didn’t put it up on the link list, though. I’m catching up on the Civil War blocks (Barbara Brackman). Yay! I’m in awe of you volunteering 35 stockings! Do you have all you need for those?

  4. You just left me in the dust! I got a few pieced components for a border done, and had to do more cutting and drawing sewing lines on the backs of squares. Oh yeah… and I picked up some fabric at the post office and spent a lot of time just petting my new acquisitions.

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