All Circled Up

Yes, the circle quilt is finished.

Here is a little background.

It started in the remnant bin at my quilt shop.  All of these pieces were just laying there, looking like a quilt.  So they came home with me.  This was over two years ago.

Then, I decided to try out a Curve Master presser foot.  And that required curves and this seemed like a good place to start.  The original plan was  lap quilt.  The finished dimensions of this quilt are 84″ x 90″.  So much for original plans.

It is quilted with straight lines, 1/4-inch off the seam lines, except stitch-in-the-ditch around the borders.

That created quite a few thread to bury, which was not my favorite, but it is necessary.

It doesn’t have a home right now, but will be set aside for the right occasion.

Now, back to potholders, which is what I was working on when I needed the batting, and, well, these things happen….

12 thoughts on “All Circled Up

  1. that is beautiful!!! i love the colors..such a good combination..and love the curves but just do not know if i want to try will make a great gift for someone..good luck on the finish–and like you i hate burying those threads..seems like such a waste of time..

  2. The colors are beautiful. I love the circles and curves. Anyone would love to be given this lovely quilt. I need potholders! I started two on fire this week-end–lol. I’ll be using your tute. Thanks.

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