Quick Check-in

Well, I am back from an eventful Thanksgiving weekend with my family on the ranch.  In addition to my parents, my brother and his wife and four children were there, and a close family friend whose wife of over 60 years died this past summer.  So, in all there were 13 people to add to the excitment.

And, excitment there was–at least the kind that happens with family in the country.

The pajamas were delivered to the children and the potholders to my mother, to great enthusiasm, particularly in the part of my neice.  Pictures coming tomorrow (I hope).  That was all the sewing related stuff that I have accomplished in the past five days.

Other than that we cooked, ate, played board games, watched the children run around outside, washed dishes, doctored injuries minor and major (only one emergency room visit, and that was because Husband got his hand caught in a wood-splitter.  Good recovery expected.  Eventually.), worked animals, read books, prayed together, cleaned up, visited…all the little things that make life in a family.  Everyone is home and looking forward to next time.

More sewing coming soon.  Or as soon as I can get the floor cleared of laundry.

I hope your weekend and/or holiday was happy and either peaceful or exciting, or both, as you prefer.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Quick Check-in

  1. i am so glad you had a nice visit with your family…sounds like a great outing other than husband’s hand but i hope that will be ok soon…mine was nice and quiet although my grandson did get a deer saturday morning..his first one so he was excited..so we had a nice thanksgiving..please do send pictures soon…we love to see them…

  2. Sounds like a fun, relaxing holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite.
    We also had an ER visit, but no woodsplitter- just a latex punchy-ball. Who knew he was allergic? Not us for 11 whole years. A steroid shot & 3 prescriptions fixed him right up. Plus an epi-pen in my purse at all times.

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