Recent Shared Finishes

Some lovely people have recently shared their versions of projects made using the tutorials posted on this site.

Here is Cyndi’s 100-patch quilt, made using 1-1/2″ squares.  WOW!

Karin made potholders.

And Kay J in Paradise (CA)  made some potholders, actually, quite a few!

If I have missed yours, I apologise.  Remind me and I would love to share.  Or, if you haven’t sent yours along, please do.  It is so much fun to see what you make.

4 thoughts on “Recent Shared Finishes

  1. still have not made any potholders but i did make a placemat for my grand daughter to use as a pad under her keyboard using the same idea.,.and that quilt is gorgeous.. i am working on one as a leader ender project but using 2″ squares…i really enjoy seeing what others are doing..thanks for showing us…

  2. Wow. That quilt is great! Karin is still making potholders! LOL. I am in the potholder zone. My goal is 8 sets. I forgot to pick up Insulbrite last time I was in town so I’ll be binding the ones that are quilted until my next trip. These are so much fun to make. Anytime I leave the house, I take one with me and sneak in a few stitches whenever I can. These potholders are well traveled. 🙂

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