Stockings Complete

The promised 35 Christmas stockings for youth in custody are complete!

They were all made using my Simple Speedy Stocking Tutorial (see TUTORIALS tab above). They went together quickly, but I could not have done it without the reliable aid of Daughter, who at age 11 can really make a machine hum.

I cut.  She assembled the inner and outer layers and hanger. I turned, ironed, finished and trimmed. Somewhere along the way I mentioned that next year I really needed to start sooner.  “Oh, no, Mom, don’t do that!”  “Why not?  I don’t like this pressure.”  “Because then you might not need my help!”  That made me smile 🙂

She really is a helpful child, but her help was motivated in this case by wanting me to get to work on her winter dress.  She wants it finished for her band concert.  Tuesday.  Yep, tomorrow.  Talk about pressure!

11 thoughts on “Stockings Complete

  1. That’s really sweet that your daughter wants to help and can help. Years ago I was in adult corrections and some of the guys were actually decent folks down under the addictions and problems. Who gets to do the stuffing of stockings?

  2. she is a lucky daughter if you ask me!!!!! all that teaching and learning..and what a good work…talk about pressure!!!!! hope the dress is done and ready to wear to the fun!!!! i work better under pressure myself..i say if it wasn;t for the last minute i wouldn;t get anything done!!! i work much more efficiently…enjoy the concert!!!!

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